I specialise in complete stills and film production service in Denmark, Faroe Islands and an amazing Greenland.

I am experienced in TV commercials, features, music videos, documentaries, television specials, stills and fashion shoots.

I handle all aspects of production service with a strong service approach, detailed and reliable budgets and fast communication.

I have been in the business for more than 20 years.

kim nørager
fixer, member of
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Shooting in Denmark is always great value for money.

We have a wide selection of versatile locations. Royal castles, light blue seafront vistas, bustling city scapes amazing old and new architecture, great bridges and beautiful pastoral landscapes.

And we have, of course, all state of the art equipment, sound stages post production houses, top crews and a smooth infrastructure.


faroe islands

18 islands in the North Atlantic shining like green diamonds.

Raw and wild as the cry of a seabird. Fertile valleys, dramatic mountains and the ever presence of the ocean. Truly a location to be discovered.

What more can you ask for?

faroe landscape
faroe houses


The beautiful pearl of the arctic. The largest island on the planet.

And what an island!

Icebergs, glaciers, dramatic landscapes, polar bears, seals, a rich culture and the endless untouched nature of the north.

An incredible place to shoot returning with amazing footage.

greenland houses
greenland sailboat


"Out of the 17 countries and 5 continents I have produced in, Kim is one of the absolute best fixers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

From day one, he was professional and timely in all of his communication. I had answers to every question prior to my arrival in Copenhagen. He has a strong sense of story and production needs.

The production went seamlessly even with a rain delay. It was an absolute pleasure on both a professional and personal level.

I cannot recommend Kim enough for any and all production needs"

michelle silva
senior producer, LITTON entertainment, USA
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kim nørager

kirketorvet 9
2820 copenhagen


CNN (USA), Smarthouse (Amsterdam)
Faculty (N.Y.), NHK (London)
CNA (Singapore), Ursusfilm (Paris)
MyPony (Hamburg), BBC (London)
OTOFILM (Warszawa)
GOELIA (Guangzhou)
Edithouse Film Works (Gothenburg)
Silent D Pictures (Manchester)
Riesen (Germany)
Husqvarna (Sweden)
SAAB (Sweden), Opel (Germany)
LITTON entertaiment (USA)
and many more.